On this page we have collected together opinions from our travellers about the dream journey. If you would like to have your view also appear on this page, we ask that you forward it to us. Let’s see what our voyagers have said already:

”This was the most wonderful journey of my life…. From time to time I sit back in my armchair in my room ….I close my eyes and I live through again and again the whole thing…. It’s hard for me to tell anyone about this experience.”


”Going through the Panama Canal had an incredibly big effect on me. Imagine! There you stand on the boat, exactly between the two continents, champagne in hand, the skyscrapers of Panama City at night lit up in front of you, and you glide further towards the Lake Gatun lock system and the Caribbean…. Indescribable…. I could swim in tears of joy – you wouldn’t believe it.”


“Until now I had only seen amerindian cultures on television. Now here I was among them, with them, in a world apart in their island culture, as if I was in a National Geographic film. I still dream about it.”


”I thought it was amazing, a great experience! Most of the events and activities were top-rate in their own right. Right now we’re on one of the San Blas islands, things I’ve hardly seen or lived through on any trips I’ve ever been on before. I’d definitely suggest this trip to friends of mine with similar interests.”


”I had a really good time. The team was fantastic! I can’t really pick out any particular experience as the best, the truth was that every day was great. I’d gladly urge any of my friends to do this.”


”The whole journey was wonderful. On every day there was some kind of special experience, and that’s what made the trip so unforgettable. Thank you.”


“I got what the description of the trip promised. We travelled a long way for these many experiences but it was worth it. Hmm, the greatest experience? At least every second day something. I would recommend this trip to any of my friends.”