Dream Travel

You arrive by plane into Panama, the country in the southernmost part of the Central American isthmus, reaching your relaxing hotel with its tropical gardens right in the humming capital city. From here you visit by speedboat the island world of Las Perlas, in the Pacific Ocean’s Panama Bay. Besides the exquisite palm-lined beaches and inlets with crystal-clear water you journey out to the island of survivors, the Eden-like location where the television series ’Survivor – the Island’ was filmed and broadcast to many countries worldwide.

From sailing on a yacht you go back to the capital and finish your journey at the Panama Canal locks, marvelling at the unique flora and fauna of Lake Gatun. On the Caribbean side you’re in the bay of Portobelo village with its Black African culture and the fabulous San Blas archipelago is home for a few days. The strictly guarded traditions of the proud Kuna Indian people make visiting them an unforgettable experience. Their home is one of the most dazzling tropical paradises anywhere in the Americas. From here, enjoying panoramic views, you return to Panama City, then bid farewell to Latin America.

Photographs: ©Jan Csernoch, ©Nautitech.fr