Who Are We?

We are a group of enthusiastic travellers from Europe and Central America, blessed with the chance to visit many beautiful countries of the world. We have travelled roads off the beaten path, discovered ruins, climbed mountains, navigated on waters, cycled, got to know local people and tasted the food they had to offer.

As Central Americans, descendents of ancient cultures, we would like to share something special with you. Apart from conventional travel we also would like to offer you a unique way of experiencing this beautiful part of the world. We travel with local people to ensure that you will know the real life and culture of Costa Rican, Panamanian and Nicaraguan people. We believe that this way you will explore the real richness of our heritage, as it is still part of the spirit and everyday life of the local people nowadays.

We love nature, the wonderful mountains, admire the ancient civilizations of the Andean region and the bubbly Latin feeling for life, and we want to share all this with you.